Are Siberian Huskies Good With Cats?

Are Siberian Huskies Good With Cats

Are Siberian Huskies good for cats? Siberian Huskies are not a good choice for mixed cat breeds. They have strong predatory instincts and may just see cats as prey. However, there are always exceptions, and with rigorous training, the relationship between a husky and a cat can work.

Be very careful as I’ve heard success stories that go bad after many peaceful years. This is most likely due to the natural instinct to hibernate.

Are Siberian Huskies Good With Cats
Are Siberian Huskies Good With Cats

When this breed first lived with the Chukchi, they were allowed to roam freely during the summer. During this time, huskies hunt birds, squirrels, common vermin and feral cats.

Siberian huskies usually see cats as prey, but there are many examples of huskies and cats getting along well. In fact, I asked the website of a Siberian Husky owner if they also have cats and how the relationship works.

However, the prey drive will always be present in the husky, and some owners report that despite the years of dog and cat relationship, sometimes they just revert to their natural instincts, with unfortunate consequences. So no matter how well the Huskies get along with our feline friends, I wouldn’t recommend this partnership.

You may be wondering if huskies can be used as guard dogs – you may (or may not) be surprised by the answer! Check out the link if you are interested!

How can I make sure my husky and cat get along well?
There are things you can do to give yourself a better chance, but the question really is, should you? Siberian Huskies usually always have this built-in urge to chase their prey, and we know cats used to fall entirely into this category.

But what can we do to give ourselves a better chance of having a peaceful environment between huskies and cats? Well, yes – we can do something like:

Socialization – Early socialization of the Husky is critical. Honestly, if this hadn’t happened, I personally wouldn’t even consider bringing them together. However, if you can, make sure to introduce your husky to as many different types of cats (and people) as possible in the first few weeks.

Slow introduction – simply putting your husky in the same room as a cat is sure to fail. The introduction needs to be slow and controlled, and you need to be patient.

Formal Dog Training – Combining the above, your husky must be able to respond to simple commands such as “stay,” “no,” and “leave.”

If you notice them getting overly excited, you need to be able to issue commands to calm them down. However, if this prey instinct takes over, there is no guarantee they will respond to you.

In the end, you have to be willing to accept that it won’t work. All dogs and all cats are individuals, and even after weeks, months, or even years of introduction, and even after all of the above points are ticked, everything may not add up.

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