Car Travel Tips for Dogs

Car Travel Tips for Dogs

Most dogs love cars. They love the excitement of sitting in the back seat and feeling the wind and watching it fly by. But some dogs are afraid to drive. The more positive your dog’s car experience is, the more likely he is to enjoy the rides.

Car Travel Tips for Dogs
Car Travel Tips for Dogs

Car Travel With Pets: 6 Tips for Safety and Security

– Do not roll the windows all the way down. While Fido may like to hang on it while driving, he will be thrown out of the car in an accident. If something catches his attention outside, your dog may jump out of the car into traffic. Don’t deny him all the fun, though – rolling down the window is enough to get him to stick his head out and enjoy the ride.

– Put a sheet or blanket on the back seat. How to avoid dog hair on car interiors.

– Plan your route to make sure you have enough pet-friendly places to stop. This is not a problem for short trips, However, long trips require you to have somewhere to walk and feed your pet. Schedule breaks between dog walks and plan to stop every 3-5 hours for your dog to relax, drink water and stretch his legs (more or less depending on your dog’s needs).

– List several veterinary clinics that are easily accessible from your route, preferably within an hour’s drive from any location. Check to see if they are open during your trip.

– Unleash the dog when getting in the car. It’s important to keep the leash within reach, but you don’t want your puppy getting caught in something while driving.

– Purchase harnesses designed for traveling with dogs.

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