How to Stop My Dog Barking SO MUCH?

How to Stop Your Dog From Barking
Five top tips to stop your dog barking – As much as we love our spoiled buddies, a constantly barking dog can be a nuisance – leading to complaints from neighbors, spoiled walks and many late night headaches. The first step to stopping this annoying trait is to understand why they bark in the first place.
  1. Don’t tell your dog off. Although their barking may be frustrating, never tell your dog off. …
  2. Avoid things your dog finds scary. …
  3. Teach your dog calmer ways of telling you what they want. …
  4. Make sure your pooch is staying active. …
  5. Don’t reward your dog for barking.
How to Stop Your Dog From Barking
How to Stop Your Dog From Barking

1. Don’t scold your dog
While their barking can be frustrating, never blame your dog. If you chase her away, she may be scared or confused by you. This can make things worse; encourage them to bark more when they are worried or confused.

Some dogs may even see you yelling when you join in and make noise with them.

2. Avoid things your dog finds scary
If your dog barks out of fear, try to avoid scary things. For example, if your dog is barking at passersby through a window, block it from their view.

If left alone because of fear, they won’t bark as long as possible until you teach them that it’s okay to be alone. Consider hiring a pet sitter or dog walker.

Frightened dogs may need further support from a behaviorist to identify exactly what they are afraid of and help them change their feelings.

3. Teach your dog to tell you what he wants in a calmer way
If your dog is barking at certain things, for example, if you want to keep the other dog away, it can be helpful to tell him to do something calmer and safer that will get him the same result.

For example, your dog cannot bark and sniff at the same time. So directing their attention to the ground to sniff out food instead of barking can be very effective. If you do this consistently, he’ll know that silently ignoring something instead of barking has a good result.

4. Make sure your dog stays active
When your dog is bored and isn’t getting enough mental or physical exercise, he may be more prone to barking. Make sure you spend enough time each day to keep your dog busy and active.

Provide your friends with lots of fun activities to keep them from getting bored – and a lot of fun for both of you.

5. Don’t reward your dog for barking
Instead, reward them for staying calm.

If your dog barks during mealtimes, ignore the barking and wait for it to stop before feeding it. When you know you’ll be making them a snack, plan ahead and distract them by giving them a toy.

If your dog asks you to play with him, ignore him. Get away from your dog, even out of the room, and do something else. When they’re quiet, grab a toy and invite them to play together – fun games are a great reward for being quiet.

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