Low-cost ways to care for your dog & cat

Low-cost ways to care for your dog & cat

In fact, our research shows that the minimum lifetime cost of owning a dog can vary from £4,600 (for a very small dog) to £13,000 (for a larger dog). With the cost of living crisis in mind, we’ve put together a list of inexpensive ways you can take care of your pets and keep them happy – without breaking the bank.

Low-cost ways to care for your dog & cat
Low-cost ways to care for your dog & cat

Learn how to care for your pet at home

“Ideally, you should brush your pet’s teeth every day, every other day, or weekly (depending on species and breed) to promote healthy hair growth and improve circulation. If your pet is not used to being groomed, slow down Slow down and stop if they’re uncomfortable.”

Pet food purchased in bulk is often more cost-effective, so it’s always a good idea to look for larger bags at a discount.

Pet Insurance Accidents or illnesses can happen no matter how you take care of your pet. After all, our pets love to explore anything they can get their hands on!

Use toys tactically or make your own!

While toys are great for playing around and avoiding boredom, your pet doesn’t need a load! While it’s a good idea to have a selection, you can rotate them by holding and popping some. Make playtime fun by reusing the same toy in different games – for example, a ball can be used to pick up a ball, but it can also be hidden under an item for your pet to find.

You can even make your own pet toys at home! Check out our previous blogs on how to make a mouse toy for your cat or a simple toy for your dog. Remember, entertaining your pet is for fun and for your furry friend to develop new skills!

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