Summer Dangers that Could Threaten Your Pet’s Life

Summer Dangers that Could Threaten Your Pet's Life

There are five main categories of summertime dangers for companion animals:


While summer staples like fireworks and backyard barbecues are comfortable for most homes, pet owners should be aware of the serious health risks that some warm-weather activities can pose.

Summer Dangers that Could Threaten Your Pet's Life
Summer Dangers that Could Threaten Your Pet’s Life

1: Heating your pet will overheat very quickly. Dogs and cats cannot regulate their body temperature as well as humans because most of their sweat glands are confined to the soles of their feet. Panting is the primary way pets regulate their body temperature.

Flat-faced pets cannot pant as effectively as long-nosed breeds, so they have less chance of cooling down their bodies. In addition to overheating, your pet can quickly become dehydrated. Make sure your pet always has fresh, clean drinking water.

If your pet is going to be outside in high heat for an extended period of time, they should have access to a completely shaded area and plenty of cool drinking water. Make sure your dog or cat is indoors if the temperature rises to 32°C or higher.

2, Water

Many dog ​​owners mistakenly believe that their pet is born to swim – especially if it’s a Sporting or hunting breeds. Although some dogs instinctively know how to move in water Once inside, most dogs stay in the pool, pond, lake etc.

You should gradually get your dog used to the water, or take her on the first few outings, or Be prepared to jump in to encourage them or help them get out of the water safely.

If you are going on a boat ride with your dog, I recommend they have their own swimming gear. Even dogs that are good swimmers can be injured in the water or exhausted from exercise. A sort of Buoyancy aids will keep their eyes on them until you or someone else can take them to safety. if your dog When you call her without a consistent response, I suggest you tie a rope around her Buoyancy aid so you can pull her in when needed.

3: Parties

Don’t leave your pet alone with an unfamiliar child, let alone an irresponsible adult partygoer, or someone who drinks too much. Unless your dog is well trained on a leash, I would not recommend taking them to outdoor community activities. Most puppies are over-excited by all the new sights, sounds, and especially the smell of large outdoor gatherings, and neither will you if they keep pulling on their leash while you try to calm them down and control them. what fun.

4: Poisons

Many commonly used fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides are contaminated with detectable chemicals Toxic to pets. The same goes for rodent baits. Do not let your dog or cat into your area Gardens, lawns, houses or outbuildings where chemicals have been used. take the same precautions When walking the dog. Keep all chemicals out of the reach of pets.

Also, remember to keep citronella candles, oil products, and insect spirals out of the reach of pets.

5: Pests

Depending on where you live and the lifestyle of your dog or cat, you need to be prepared for this
Summer pests such as fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.

In most cases, there are safe and effective ways to prevent or eradicate pests
Involves administering toxic chemicals to your pet.

If you live in an area where Lyme disease is endemic, be sure to read our article on Lyme disease transmission
this disease. Also, be sure to read the latest information on heartworm resistance and disease
The best way to keep your pet away from this disease.

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