The Best Pets for Kids

The Best Pets for Kids

Adding pets to your family is one of the most rewarding, powerful and exciting things you can do. But it can also be very difficult – owning a pet is a major lifestyle change.

Below we’ll take a look at some of the easiest pets to care for, discuss these myths, and hopefully give you a deeper understanding of whether these animals are right for you and your kids!

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The Best Pets for Kids
The Best Pets for Kids


Let’s face it, we Brits are dog lunatics. And for good reason: dogs are the best! It’s a) a little creepy and b) we’re not surprised when your kids keep waking you up for the dog in the middle of the night. Sure, dogs are the most maintenance pets on the list, but once you know what you’re going to do, owning a dog is incredible.

To minimize your dog’s grooming requirements, things to consider include their breed and temperament, how much exercise and space they need, and whether now is the right time to join your family. It’s a big commitment, but definitely worth it.


When it comes to the country’s favorite pets, another top dog has to be cats! These furry critters make amazing pets. They are also a big commitment, but require less work than dogs. Depending on where you live, you can keep cats indoors or install cat flaps to let them roam around as they please.

Make sure your cat is fully vaccinated, microchipped and knows where you live – so if you’ve recently moved or your cat is young, you should probably keep an eye out for them. If not, all you need is a dumpster in a safe and quiet place. Add food and a lot of affection and that’s it.


Rabbits are very popular starting animals for families. They’re a great way to introduce kids to the joys of owning and caring for pets. Very smart and curious, 1.5 million Britons own rabbits. Daily activities include feeding, cleaning, grooming and exercising – as well as playing with the rabbit.

Both domestic and outdoor rabbits are social. So if you only have one, you will have to spend a lot of time dealing with them. Therefore, it is recommended to keep rabbits in pairs. Beyond these requirements, however, rabbits can be left to fend for themselves, making them great pets.

Guinea Pigs

These cute little creatures come from wild guinea pigs in South America and are ideal low-maintenance pets for children. Again. It is best to keep guinea pigs at least in pairs, as they are very sociable animals. If your pair is of the opposite sex, it’s best to have the male sterilized – otherwise you’ll be busy.

With a nice coop with food and bedding, and regular playtime, guinea pigs are very beneficial pets. The average lifespan of a guinea pig is about 4-8 years, so make sure your child is ready for the commitment.


Lizards are very unique pets for children and can expose your child to exciting new species from an early age. First you need to decide what kind of lizard you want. A good beginner lizard is the leopard gecko, as they do not require UV lighting. Other popular species include bearded dragons, iguanas and chameleons – but all lizards have different needs and behaviors.

The most important aspects of owning lizards are providing them with proper warmth and light in their environment (which needs to be adjusted at different times) and feeding them live prey, such as insects. If you can meet these requirements, your lizard will be as happy as Larry – not a bad name for a lizard either…


Hamsters are the most common first pets children have. With a lifespan of about 2 years, they are another small mammal that makes a great introduction to caring for animals into a child’s life. For some of the different varieties, it’s best to go to a licensed supplier to make sure you know exactly what you’re buying.

Some breeds are very sociable, while others prefer to live alone. In addition to food and water, hamsters need a lot of litter and nesting material. Also, they need to be handled with care as they are very sensitive and also nocturnal, which is something to be aware of.


Keeping fish as pets can range from simple to complex, making them a great starter animal for kids: you can start small and grow your aquarium or pond into a vibrant animal community that can nurture A lifelong passion for fish. We recommend starting with a 20 gallon tank and collecting freshwater fish.

Surprisingly, goldfish are considered difficult to manage – they produce a lot of waste, need to be cleaned very regularly, and grow to a large size.

We recommend things like barbelfish, zebrafish or angelfish. Once your kids get started, they’ll love grooming their new friend.


Rats are often considered unclean and sometimes scary, but as children’s pets, they’re actually incredible. And these notorious beliefs couldn’t be further from the truth. Rats are well-cared for, sociable and intelligent animals, perfect for those looking for a low-maintenance, beneficial pet.

We recommend keeping mice in pairs as they are very sociable and provide them with many rich opportunities to satisfy their curiosity. Good nutrition and attention to their health are also important. All of these aspects ensure you have happy mice that are the perfect starter animals for children.

Birds are beautiful, majestic and delightful creatures. The key to keeping them as pets is choosing the right one. Birds come in many different ways, and you need to do your research because you don’t want to end up with a bird that’s too big, too noisy, or too laborious. Macaws, for example, are popular pets, but they can live to be 60 years old!

We recommend looking at budgerigars or canaries, as well as some smaller parrot species. Just make sure to do your research before choosing the bird you want!


Snakes are another reptile that tops our list. Charming creatures that are handled regularly can become very docile from an early age. No doubt you know some people who are a little bit afraid of snakes, but choose the right breed and they will no doubt make gentle and fun pets for kids. Snakes can be a long-term commitment compared to other pets, with some species living up to 20 years.

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