Top tips for keeping your cat cool in summer

Know the signs of heatstroke

Top cooling tips, Knowing how to keep your cat cool can be difficult—especially if she enjoys running around outside. However, there are many things you can do to help them, from providing shade to serving cold treats

Creating a shady spot outdoors is a great way to keep your outdoor adventurers cool. Trees and shrubs provide great natural shade for garden-loving kittens. Alternatively, you can try creating your own shaded space by hanging sheets/blankets, or build your own “DIY sun hole”.

Don’t forget to provide shaded areas both indoors and outdoors by closing curtains and blinds to protect your cat from the indoor sun.

Know the signs of heatstroke
Know the signs of heatstroke

It sounds simple, but making sure your cat has enough clean, fresh water is one of the most important ways to keep them cool and prevent them from dehydration. Always make sure you have plenty of water bowls inside and outside your home so your cat doesn’t have to travel far to find a refreshing drink.

This is especially important if you have more than one cat, as they usually don’t like to share bowls! Also, try placing food and water bowls away from each other.

Many cats like to drink tap water, so you may want to consider a water dispenser.

On very warm or humid days, you should encourage your cat to stay indoors and out of the sun during the hottest part of the day. This is very important if you think your cat is at high risk for heat stroke or sunburn. If the forecast is very warm, make sure your cat can explore early in the morning and early evening when the weather is likely to be cooler.

You can also encourage them to sleep indoors during the hotter times of the day, play with them at dawn and dusk, and serve breakfast later to entice them to come home before it gets too hot! It’s not just us that are at risk of sunburn – our feline friends are too!

While fur is a great barrier to sun protection, cats can still get sunburned, especially in areas with thin or no fur, such as the ears and nose. Hairless cats (such as sphinxes) or light-colored cats (such as red or white cats) are especially at risk.

Protecting cats from sunburn is crucial, as this can lead to skin cancer called squamous cell carcinoma. If the weather is hot and you apply sunscreen to your own skin, remember to also protect your cat’s exposed areas with pet-safe sunscreen, especially if they are more susceptible to sun damage. You can give your cat extra protection by providing her with plenty of shaded area for her to sleep on.

A great way to protect your cat from the heat is to create a cool, inviting space indoors for her to nap! An easy way to do this is to draw the curtains on the warmer side of the house, use fans and open windows to create a fresh breeze.

Remember cats are curious, so put nets on all tall windows to avoid accidents, and make sure fans are out of reach to avoid being knocked over by naughty claws! You can also provide your cat with cool tiles or a cool mat to lie down in a cool place to rest and cool off.

Remember, it’s important to keep your cat away from spaces that can get very hot on warm days — especially spaces like sheds, greenhouses, summer homes, conservatories, porches, cars, and trailers. Be sure to check this before closing a hot room – if your cat is trapped and has nowhere to cool down, it can lead to severe heatstroke!

Contrary to popular belief, ice cream is a great and safe way to keep cats cool – not to mention refreshing and fun!

The possibilities for ice-filled fun are endless – you can serve ice to bang on the floor, serve frozen treats, or even add some ice to their water bowl!

It’s no surprise that long-haired cats are more prone to overheating in the summer. Good grooming habits are important year-round, but are especially helpful during the summer months. Daily brushing will help remove your cat’s thick undercoat and excess fur, which will keep them feeling slightly cooler.

On particularly hot days, you may also consider petting your pet with wet hands to allow them to recover from the sun while enjoying the cool water on their fur!

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