What do dogs need for a beach trip?

What do dogs need for a beach trip?

Bottled water
A bowl of water
Parasol or parasol
All-weather dog bed or blanket
A safe fence puppy fence
Lots of towels
Sunscreen for dogs
Dog life jacket with handle
Baggies clean up behind them
Food and hospitality
Floating Waterproof Dog Toy
Dog shoes protect his paws from the hot sand
Doggles (dog goggles) protect their eyes from sunlight and salt
Dog first aid kit
Collar-attachable waterproof GPS tracker

Even if you’re a new pet owner, you probably know by now that dogs are good at scratching. Follow these tips to minimize your dog’s risk of getting sick or injured:

Before letting your puppy explore, comb the beach for debris he might be trying to eat or sharp objects like broken bottles, soda cans, or seashells that could cause injury.

Don’t let them drink sea water. If you notice him showing signs of fever or thirst, offer him plenty of fresh water to drink.

Protect your puppy from overheating, which can lead to heat stroke or stroke. Keep an eye on her, lay her down on a bed or blanket in the shade, and drink water if she starts panting or acting tired.
Have your dog wear booties to protect their paws from hot sand and dark dog goggles to protect their eyes from sun damage.

Apply dog ​​sunscreen to the nose, ears, and any other areas of thinned fur. Dogs are as prone to sunburn and skin cancer as we are.

Put your dog on a life jacket when you go swimming or doing water sports. Even dogs that are excellent swimmers can get tired and get stuck. If necessary, vests with handles on the back make it easier to pull them ashore.

Make sure your dog is wearing a collar with ID at all times, including your contact details, in case you separate. Consider installing a waterproof GPS tracker.

When you’re rested and ready to go home, take a minute to wash off the salt water from your dog’s coat. This will prevent them from itching or licking off excess salt from themselves. Most public beaches have hose or outdoor shower stations, but be polite to those who may use it.

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